Monday, November 14, 2011

Indoors Flea Market

If you're in the Burlington, NC area please visit Barber's Flea Market.  Barber's Flea Market is open on Saturdays from 7:30A - 2:00P.  It is located on W. Webb Avenue across from the oil company.

You can find items such as antiques, furniture, DVDs, DVD players, VCRs, 8 track tapes and players, computer equipment, Tupperware (New and used), clothes, socks, NASCAR items, jewelry, and many other items.

You can also find food items such as Pies, Cakes, Hot Dogs, and Chili.

Check out Barber's Flea Market

Monday, October 31, 2011

Indiana Breaded Tenderloin

I was born and raised in Indiana. I love the Breaded Tenderloin sandwich.
Since I have moved to NC I haven’t found anyplace that serves a Breaded Tenderloin sandwich. I have never found it anywhere except in the Midwest.
I am seriously considering starting a Hoosier Breaded Tenderloin food cart. I think once these NC folks taste a real Hoosier Breaded Tenderloin sandwich they will be back for more.
Here is a link to a website I found that has a tutorial on how to make the Hoosier Breaded Tenderloin.